2018 ECOS Plan Update

The Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission is currently updating the 2013 ECOS Plan. This update will focus mainly on updates to the Metropolitan Transportation Plan, Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy, and serve as the Region’s Enhanced Energy Plan.
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On June 19, 2013, the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission adopted the ECOS Plan as the Regional Plan and the Metropolitan Transportation Plan. On June 25, 2013 the Greater Burlington Industrial Corporation adopted the ECOS Plan as the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for Chittenden County. The 2013 ECOS Plan is the culmination of almost two years of dedicated work from our municipalities, 45+ organizations and residents.

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Online Maps

Locate any place in Chittenden County with the ECOS Online Map and learn about the built environment, natural areas, and other social and economic information. 

Analysis Reports

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The ECOS Project, “A Sustainable Future for Chittenden County,” represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to engage citizens, organizations and municipalities in a conversation about the future of our communities and the region as a whole. Learn More »


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