Environment. Community. Opportunity. Sustainability.

NEW 2014 ECOS Annual Report: The State of Chittenden County

The 2014 ECOS Annual Report provides over 90 indicators that track the progress of Chittenden County against ECOS goals related to the Economy, Environment, Quality of Place, and Community. This is the second edition of the Report since the ECOS Plan was adopted in June, 2013. NEW this year: All data has been moved to an interactive online platform, promoting easy and efficient access to the indicators that measure how Chittenden County is doing.

The ECOS Plan has been adopted by the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission as the Regional Plan and the Metropolitan Transportation Plan, and by the Greater Burlington Industrial Corporation as the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy.  The Final ECOS Plan can be found here: www.ecosproject.com/plan.

What is the ECOS Project?

  • The ECOS Project is both a process and a plan for managing sustainable growth in Chittenden County for a healthy, inclusive and prosperous future.
  • By working across sectors -- water, food, energy, education, housing, transportation, health, social connectedness and economic development -- we are able to see the interconnectedness of our challenges and solve them together.
  • The ECOS Project is a unique opportunity for municipalities, organizations, businesses and residents to work together to preserve and improve our quality of life.
  • ECOS stands for: Environment, Community, Opportunity, Sustainability. ECOS is also the root of the words economy and ecology.



What is ECOS? Watch the 90-second explanation below.

ECOS Map Viewer