Goal Statements & Feedback

This project was started with the understanding that there has been a lot of planning done in Chittenden County, our municipalities and the state.   We want to build on the work that has been done previously and pull it together into a more cohesive whole in order to accomplish more together than we would working separately.

The following goal statements were developed after reviewing about 60 planning documents that have applicability to Chittenden County.  These planning documents included municipal plans, regional and organizational plans, and state agency policy documents.  In total, about 2,500 statements were collected.  They covered the spectrum from very broad vision statements to specific objectives in a specific neighborhood.  The first draft goals statements were reviewed by the ECOS Steering Committee and revised in a workshop on May 25, 2011.  The revised comments were released for a public comment period from July 14 to September 30, 2011.  123 individual comments were received from 65 individuals during this period.  Some of these individual comments were quite extensive. 

These goal statements and their structure have been revised resulting from the public review.  They are intended to be broad in nature and to capture the implementation work that we will undertake to improve the future of Chittenden County.  They will also be used to develop indicators that will gauge our progress towards achieving these goals and prioritize implementation actions.  It should be noted that these goals may be revised as the process progresses and we identify improvements.

While the official period to comment has ended, we are still happy to accept additional comments below. 

To view the Goal Statements you can download a pdf version here>>  

You can view the comments on the goals we recieved from the community here>> 


A big thanks to everyone who participated in reviewing &

commenting on the goals!