Mission, Vision & Goals

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to strengthen a coordinated system of individual and family-centered prevention, treatment, recovery supports and improved public health and safety in order to minimize the negative impact of opioids in our community.

We envision a community with a timely coordinated and comprehensive system of community partners and resources that successfully addresses the impact of substance use disorders.

Action Team Goals

The CCOA has four working Action Teams, each with a specific focus area and mission as well as goals. As each team begins their process, their specific goals and strategies are being developed and honed.

Community-Level Prevention
Strengthen existing local partnerships to create new opportunities and structures in Chittenden County that will bring additional evidence-informed environmental prevention and individual prevention strategies to our area. View the Community-Level Prevention Action Team page »

Treatment Access and Recovery Support
Led by the Howard Center and UVM Medical Center, this team will identify barriers and solutions and strategies to create seamless, efficient and timely access to appropriate treatment and recovery supports, as well as developing specific recommendations for policy reform and systems change. This work is closely connected with the existing Opioid Task Force that meets weekly at the Howard Center to address individual case needs, which is supported by the Jeffords Institute. View the Treatment Access and Recovery Support Action Team page »

Workforce Development
Assess the current workforce capacity of all relevant local agencies to identify the gaps, overlaps and barriers in providing and supporting substance abuse prevention, treatment services and recovery. This Action Team will not only assess, but will also offer immediate, mid-term and long-term recommendations and strategies to increase partner organizations’ staff capacity to address opioid-related challenges. Secondly, the team will identify barriers to employing community members in recovery in Chittenden County and work with local businesses and agencies to develop strategies to hire individuals from this population. View the Workforce Development Action Team page »

CommunityStat Rapid Intervention
Provide coordination of effort among law enforcement, public health and safety and human service providers to better address the fallout of opioid abuse in Chittenden County. This will be accomplished through an adaptation of a “CitiStat” management tool model and will use these guiding principles:

  1. Timely and accurate intelligence and information
  2. Effective tactics
  3. Rapid deployment of resources
  4. Relentless follow-up and assessment

View the CommunityStat Rapid Intervention Action Team page »

The Chittenden County Opioid Alliance is a collaborative partnership with local non-profit social service agencies, state and local government, UVM Medical Center, business leaders, and community members in Chittenden County to reduce the opioid crisis and the burden it brings to our community. CCOA is funded by the UVM Medical Center, the Stiller Family Foundation through the United Way of Northwest Vermont, and by the Green Mountain Care Board through State Innovation Model funds.
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