2015 Annual Report

In an effort to track progress made on all ECOS goals, the ECOS Partnership monitors 90+ indicators over the year and compiles the ECOS Annual Report: The State of Chittenden County, a summary that highlights a number of regional trends and accomplishments.

2015 ECOS Annual Report: The State of Chittenden County

The 2015 Annual Report is the third edition. New in 2015, highlighted trends and data are displayed visually in an infographic.

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2015 ECOS Scorecard

All indicators are available on an interactive online platform called the ECOS Scorecard, which promotes easy access to the data that monitors how Chittenden County is doing with regard to achieving ECOS goals. The ECOS Scorecard provides decision-makers, partner organizations, and the public with needed information to help us focus limited resources on the areas that most need additional attention.

For help navigating the ECOS Scorecard, check out the How-to Guide to better understand the online platform and how the indicators are organized.